Neocrm (Xiaoshouyi) is an innovative CRM solution vendor in the mobile internet era

Neocrm (Xiaoshouyi) is owned by Beijing Renke Interactive Network Technology Co., Ltd., and is a new-generation SaaS customer relationship management (CRM) software provider by leveraging the latest mobile and social technologies. Neocrm(Xiaoshouyi) is committed to digitizing the end-to-end interaction between businesses and their customers, helping our users improve customer satisfaction and achieve sustainable growth.

Neocrm(Xiaoshouyi) CRM supports complete business process automation from Marketing, Sales to Service. In addition to process automation, Neocrm(Xiaoshouyi) CRM also leverages social, mobile and IoT technologies to help companies directly connect with external product distributors, service partners, IoT enabled devices and ultimately end consumers, enabling businesses to operate in a customer-centric model.

The interactions between businesses and customers in different industries may also vary. Neocrm’s PaaS + SaaS, a unified cloud solution, provides users with personalized configuration and highly efficient development capabilities in addition to supporting the standard scenarios. As a result, it helps companies quickly digitizing all customer-facing functional departments with much less IT investment.

Since its date of establishment, Neocrm (Xiaoshouyi) has been committed to the mission of applying new technologies to CRM, while enhancing the productivity of customer-centric business processes (sales, marketing, customer service). It has become by far the innovation leader in China’s CRM market, and is the only Chinese CRM vendor being listed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant of sales force automation. It has obtained thousands of paying customers such as Lenovo, Shanghai Electric, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China; and gained support from leading venture capital firms, such as Sequoia Capital, Matrix Partners and Tencent Ventures. In September 2019, Neocrm raised the Series E funding of $120M from Tencent.

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Neocrm (Xiaoshouyi)’s Founder & CEO Allan Shi has 20 years of experience in sales and sales management in both China and North America, obtained “Top Sales” awards multiple times from companies such as SAP and Dell. Prior to founding Neocrm, he served as the General Manager of Business User Group in SAP China. With his deep understanding of enterprise application sector, Allan led Neocrm (Xiaoshouyi) to become the leader in China’s CRM industry.

Our core team consists of IT enterprise veterans from SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, EMC, Accenture and other specialists in China and beyond.

At Neocrm, Sales Management + Enterprise Software + Mobile Internet experts together built a top talent team.




Neocrm released IoT cloud that helps transform the manufacturing industry in the era of mobile internet.


Neocrm host its user conference Engage 2018 with the theme of “Customer-centric”. Neocrm proposed the arrival of CT (Customer Technology) era, and officially launched the “Engage Suite” product family.


Neocrm(Xiaoshouyi) was re-elected in Gartner’s 2018 Sales Force Automation (SFA, CRM Core Module) Magic Quadrant and remained the only Chinese CRM company to be selected.


Neocrm released Marketing Cloud to help companies achieve marketing automation, increasing lead conversion rates and improving sales performance.


Neocrm raised D+ round of RMB 100 million funding from Tencent Ventures.


Neocrm officially launched Business Analytics Cloud upon the latest big data technology, helping companies make timely decisions and drive business growth.



On September 21st, Neocrm (Xiaoshouyi)’s first user conference Engage 2017 was held in Beijing. More than 2,000 people including users, partners, SaaS service providers, media and analysts from all over the country attended the conference. Neocrm’s Business Analytics Cloud was previewed at this conference.


With the mission of “reshaping the connection between businesses and customers”, the company released three new products based on its PaaS, including Partner Cloud, Customer Service Cloud and Field Service Cloud. These new product offerings together with the original Sales Cloud helped the company achieve the full-length connection between sales, customer service and product organizations.


Neocrm (Xiaoshouyi) raised the 280 million RMB D-round funding led by Tencent, and released five industry solutions based on its PaaS for Education, Wealth Management, Home Improvement, Media, and Medical.


Neocrm Sales Cloud flagship edition and PaaS product were released, adding capabilities to support large enterprises’ needs of personalized user experience and high-efficiency low-code development, and Matrix Partners China led a 100 million C+ round of funding. In July of the same year, Neocrm released intelligent CRM and mobile PaaS platform, starting the era of intelligent CRM in China.


Neocrm released mobile intelligent CRM, starting the era of intelligent CRM in China.


Neocrm (Xiaoshouyi) raised over RMB 100 million C+ round funding led by Matrix Partners China.


Neocrm launched Sales Cloud Flagship Edition and PaaS.


Neocrm (Xiaoshouyi) raised a $15 million Series C funding from Matrix Partners and Sequoia Capital.

Neocrm version 3.0 was released. Unlike the traditional complex enterprise software, it was designed to be ease-of-use and provide great user experience using “WeChat” style interactive design with the clear and intelligent flow.


Neocrm obtained Matrix Partners China, Sequoia Capital Series C funding


Due to IngageApp (Xiaoshouyi)’s excellent market performance, only 8 months later, Sequoia Capital quickly completed the 10 million RMB B-round funding.

IngageApp launched Enterprise edition to support the complex business needs of large enterprises. This edition allowed comprehensive coverage from small and medium companies to large enterprise.

Founder & CEO Shi Yanze, together with iQiyi, created the highly regarded CEO talk show “Sales Theory” to solve the various pains and problems faced by sales managers and offered a complete set of sales management services from thought leadership to management tools.


IngageApp officially launched the mobile app, which was a cloud-based CRM product leveraging social and mobile technologies. It integrated mobile, social and cloud, completely transforming traditional CRM, by solving its drawbacks of being large, difficult-to-use, and expensive. IngageApp started with the actual needs of salespeople and created a new-generation mobile CRM. In the same year, he obtained the angel funding from Yun Angel Fund and the Series A funding from Sequoia Capital.


Neocrm version 1.0 was successfully launched. The company’s core technical team came from SAP, Huawei, Sohu, and gathered enterprise software veterans, sales management experts and mobile internet talents. Neocrm was truly “customer-centric”, built an intelligent Office and Sales Force Automation platform for business to fully support sales teams before, during and after sales.


Beijing Renke Interactive Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established as an innovative high-tech company that used mobile Internet technology and experience to “change” enterprise sales management services, and was committed to becoming a professional and innovative CRM provider.